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“Today after many days, it thinks again and again
I set free my mind easily
that was helpless in hard reality”

To get relief in this life that is stuck in a routine on this hard city, man has tried many things to go closer to nature. When a man becomes exhausted for thousands of responsibilities in this city life then he needs open places to take chest filled breaths. Under the roof of the sky on the fresh air to get relief the mind, man is finding hill-river-sea or forest.

But from the historical period, the people of Bangladesh are the lover of the river. From the birth of this country the people of this country have a deep relationship with the river. We love to spend our time near the river. But we do not see to spend life in the river bank for peace regularly New Dhaka City Inn provides you this opportunity. This picnic spot and entertainment center is located in the riverbank of Dhaleshwari, 13 kilometers away from Gulistan, Dhaka.

Flown river and wide filed beside this, a separate zone for the children, cottage, catering service and other facilities are found here. Family tour to club or friend meeting, picnic, seminar, training workshop and any sort of meeting or family gathering can be arranged successfully in eco-friendly New Dhaka City Inn.

All skilled employees are always prepared to make the day-long program successful.

New Dhaka City Inn brings to city facilities to the closer of nature. To get river, forest and peace no one could not go to hundred miles away. You have a great combination of city, river, and nature in New Dhaka City Inn. This exciting entertainment center which is the combines of city and village welcomes you, then comes back. Spend your whole days on the river bank.

Our Offers & Packages

1.   Family
2.   Friends
3.   Corporate
4.   Picnic
5.   Events
      •   Summer Camp
      •   Leadership Camp
      •   Winter Camp
      •   Wedding
      •   Gaye Holud
      •   Anniversry
      •   Birthday
      •   Moonlit Night / Tent Campaign
      •   Other (different type program could arranged here)

INN Facilities

What will you get from here -

To take rest at day time, this cottage has two bedrooms. This cottage is well built with two attached bathrooms. To keep bag and baggage, this cottage has wide store facilities.

Bamboo Cottage
This spot has two nice cottages made by bamboo on the natural environment. One cottage has a bedroom with attached bathroom facilities. Another cottage has sitting facilities.

Kids Zone
To ensure the highest entertainment for the child, this center has separate ‘Kids Zone’. On this zone, all the child facilities have been installed such as swing, slipper. Various types of sports such as puzzle will make the time of the child funny.

A perfect environment for gossiping
There is a ‘gossiping place’ for gossiping. You can gossip with your friends for hours. At the same time, you will get delicious food facilities on this spot.

Washroom zone
There is a separate washroom for the persons who come to the spot for any program including picnic. There is a separate washroom facility with separate basin for the male and female in this zone. Furthermore there is a separate washroom beside the zone for the visitors.

Food Court
More than two hundred people can take their meals at the same time on the food court. There is a good facility to serve food as soon as possible on the food court situated on the river bank. You will find sufficient facilities including basin there. Open stage and pandal To implement any program, there are enough facilities of open stage and pandal. This stage and pandal have been build for the facilities of the invited guests and audiences. At a time on the panel.

Beach Chair
Most of the city dwellers have been deprived of the contiguity of the sea because of workload and distance cause though they have desire to see the sea. Thinking about them, the beach chair facilities have been installed in the New Dhaka City Inn. Though it is not seashore, you have a great opportunity to see a natural beauty or sunbath in the afternoon at the river bank. You, too, can take this opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the river of river irrigated Bangladesh.

Boating, Fishing, River Cruise
You can spend your time in the river if you want this. It has sitting arrangements including Paltun. After starting your journey from the paltun you can enjoy your time in Dhaleshwari with great fun.

Catering Service
To ensure delicious and good quality food, ‘Kazi Food Corner and Catering’ is maintaining the catering duty of this spot. There are sufficient facilities to cook food including Bar-B-Q facilities for many people.

The whole spot is surrounded by walkway. Anyone can see the whole spot on foot. To take a short break, there is bench on the walkway.

Sports Zone
There is a big playground to play football, cricket, sports activities etc.

INN Gallery

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Corporate Office

New Dhaka City Inn
House - 476, Road - 32, 1st Floor,
New DOHS, Mohakhali, Dhaka-1206,

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Phone: +88-02-58810785, 58810053
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